3063 Heartlake Flying Club is a Friends set released in 2012. It is a continued testament to how Friends takes "you can do anything!" to stupid new heights. I mean, seriously, this theme is all about little overachievers who get their flying licenses and open businesses and all that crap. Though I guess the latter one kind of explains how they pay for all of this...

Description Edit

The main feature of the set is the plane, because, you know... it's a flying club. The plane features absolutely no seat belts, and as a result, has room to seat two scared-as-hell minidolls! It also contains some other stuff, but really, the only thing anybody would have bought this set for is the plane.

Notes Edit

  • The set contains a crab, which is symbolism for absolutely nothing in particular.
  • Batteries are not included in this set, as it does not use batteries.