8403 City House is a City set released in July 2010. It comes with three minifigures and a dog, who... sleeps outside, perhaps? There aren't even enough beds for the minifigures....

Description Edit

The City House is a white LEGO (not Playmobile, in case there was some confusion for some reason) house. The house rests on a green baseplate. In front of the house is a grey sidewalk, and the yard contains a tree house, a barbecue, and a tree. The house has three levels that can be separated from one another, just like in a real house! On the ground level is a small kitchen and dining room, on the first floor is a living area, and on the second floor is a small bedroom (No jokes here, please. This is a kids toy.). There is one small window on each of the lowest two floors, and two large ones on each side of each of them. On the final floor are two small windows side-by-side on one side of the house. The roof mainly consists of sloped grey bricks, as well as two angled solar panels (come on LEGO, where is this, dream world?). The back of the house is open to allow for play, as a fully contained houses are a privilege reserved for the upper-class modular buildings minifigures.