Ewald is a Legends of Chima blue gold bird thingy released in 2013.

Description Edit

Ewald has a piece fitted over his (thats right its a he) light blue head with "eagle-shape" features.  If you step on it the middle of the night it would hurt like hell. The helmet is golden with ridges on the sides that resemble feathers and three peaks in the back. A yellow beak is on the front and there are blue rings around the eye holes. Most of the face underneath is covered, due to extreme amounts of facial scars. but it is light blue with a yellow beak (i already said that) and eyes which are sunken back in his head. There are various dark blue feathers around Ewald's head.

Ewald wears a blue robe with golden embroidery around an open chest and in helixes around the robe. In the center is blah blah blah..............


Ewald is the head of the eagles' ruling council.  THe eagles dont make any important discisions.