Hero Factory is a theme about really skilled and cool looking robots fighting cool looking but stupid acting evil robots. The theme began in 2010 because the designers really wanted to try to use some new pieces. This theme is notable for having really cliche characters and no exciting storyline, but introducing a lot of neat parts.


The Heroes are the main characters of Hero Factory. Each one is really small but infinitely smart, and having a lot of catchy sayings that they can say even when they're getting toasted. When a Hero doesn't have the right equipment for a mission, he can go back to the Assembly Tower, where he finds the perfect equipment! The Villains are a group of characters who like to steal stuff and mess things up for the Heroes. Because being a bad guy is cool! There are also big bad guys who have scores to settle with the heroes, but they could just as easily have settled their differences peacefully over a cup of tea.