Ice Planet 2002

Ice Planet 2002, was the incredibly-accurate prediction of space travel in the year 2002 made by the LEGO group. Just as they predicted in their sets, we started travelling out of our solar system, used transparent orange saws, still used satellites that looked like Sputnik, and had an unhealthy obsession with ice. It was a hell of a time. You really had to be there.


Ice Planet 2002 was released in 1993 and discontinued in 1994 but some sets were still released in 1995 and 1999 and -bzt- -click- -whrr- Too many dates. Processors malfunctioning...


Where do you go when you have a cool spaceship, awesome future technology, and a team of dedicated explorers? You go and play in the snow! SPACE snow!

In Ice Planet 2002, explorers led by Commander Cold (he was probably called that because he had caught a cold) spent billions of dollars to go to a frozen wasteland for some sort of research. Like a large portion of research projects, this project was fruitless, perhaps partially because it wasn't quite clear what they were researching. Hey, whatever it was, it was important enough to get Blacktron and even the Space Police on their tail, because driving around in a frozen wasteland just wasn't fun enough.

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  • Ice Planet 2002 was the first space theme to feature a female minifigure (and consequently high-estrogen plastic), even though the actual first time a woman appeared in space was in the 1960s. So LEGO was a couple of years late on that one, but better insanely late than never.

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