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Welcome to Bloxopedia, the humourous, yet honest uncyclopedia about all things LEGO!

Here at Bloxopedia, we have three goals. We strive to make people laugh, make piles of money and convey honest fan perceptions towards LEGO merchandising and media. We are still working on the making piles of money part (and still wonder what the hell we were thinking there), but hopefully, we'll have better luck with our other two goals. We are not scared to be skeptical, condescending, or critical. We also aren't scared of spiders, we're only moderately afraid of bugs, and we're happy to announce that our fear of clowns is now somewhat contained. We will make you laugh. We will strive for bias truth. We are Bloxopedia!

Helping Out

Let's be frank here: there's a good chance you aren't funny. There's a good chance that you think putting offensive remarks or spam on a page or making scatological jokes will make something hysterical, to which we say, "What the HELL?! When is the last time something like that made you laugh?!" Don't get mad. It's not personal. We just need to make this assumption since we're on the internet. So please, please, PLEASE read some guidelines before editing. Oh, and don't be too serious, but if that wasn't obvious at first, then you probably shouldn't be trusted with this magical piece of machinery that living in the developed world has so blindly entrusted you with.


For some information on our history, see LEGO Uncyclopedia:History.

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