A Minifigure is a figure made into mini by LEGO (You know, that brand where you build stuff and it turns babies into master architects?) They are about an inch tall, and if you don't use inches, then I can't give you a thing about how big it is. Really, it's small.

All minifigures have cylindrical heads with weird warts on the top of their heads. They have torsos that are thin at the shoulders but large at the waist. They have no knees or elbows, and have holes in their legs.


The minifigure was born in...19...uh, I don't know. 19 something! Let's just say 1900, ok? Good. Now, where was I...Oh yeah, that's right! Now, minifigures used to be small people who all looked the same, but then LEGO said, "Let's make it so that kids don't get bored with our stuff, change the appearances for a better variety, and make Googles of dollars! Well, LEGO accomplished two of these three things.

Now people LOVE minifigures! (A little too much if you ask me). Someone even married a minifigure once (Crazy person). Some companies got jealous (such as Mega Blocks), and tried to make their own versions of minifigures. Mega Blocks made Halo guys (THANK YOU MEGA BLOCKS!), but are still loosing in the game of "I LOVE MONEY AND SELLING MY ITEMS!".


Wow, I hate these things! Um......That's the end. Minifigures are supposed to be small LEGO people, such as mini astronauts and Town people (But they eventually were eaten by either dogs or rabid squirrels with ambitions of being giants and ruling the world!)

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