Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu is the completely-original TV show about Power Rangers rainbow-colored "ninja" who go around fighting various enemies.

Background Edit

The theme took itself relatively seriously in 2011, where only the skeletons had machines of death, and the characters would fight each other by spinning around really hard (well, in our defense, we did say "relatively"). In 2012, however, the whole theme was modernized. It turned out there was a thriving nearby city with law enforcement, the ninja received vehicles, which might have been useful for them when they fought the skeletons if the writers had come up with the idea back then. From that point on, the ninja were basically teens in robes doing dangerous stuff with an old guy, except that their parents were much less freaked out about this than they would be in the real world. The theme supposedly wrapped up in 2013 after the introduction of stoned... er, we mean, stone warriors and Star Wars "references" that were obviously just trying to put a light spin (get it?) on plagiarism. People thought it was over, but sadly, in 2014, it continued. In this wave/seaon, the ninja just wore bandanas. Well, like, you know, bandanas and other clothes, just not... not their hoods. They probably didn't want to deprive New Ninjago City of their awesome hairstyles as they fight the new mechanical menace opposing them. During this season, and seasons after, most of the original fans decided not to watch the show anymore due to its lack of any sense.

Spinjitzu Edit

Spinjitzu was a fighting style implemented by the ninja in the story and sets, though the most Asian thing about it was the plastic used to make the spinners. The concept was largely "what if they span around like my three-year-old does, but made it... deadlier." The characters would not only spin around crazily, but were given long and pointy sticks while doing so and fought each other. Parents were very pleased with the ideas their childeren gathered from this. Any non-useful application of this technique in the real world has yet to be reported. In the show, characters would spin around until they became a tornado of energy. This ability embodying agility, power, and combative effectiveness was immortalized in the sets by clunky, expensive tops that minifigures would be placed in and spun at each other. They also made it a game. We would have made a joke about it barely being a game since it involved no skill, but then remembered Snakes And Ladders and realized that games have always been that stupid. Despite the number of spinners produced, very few characters and only one bad guy are able to do Spinjitzu in the show.

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