Power Miners is a theme about well-dressed men going underground in brightly-colored vehicles with giant child-appealing wheels. There they mine out rainbow crystals, and as the good alchemists at LEGO know, crystals have energetic powers!

Description Edit

Power Miners was one of the most mismatched themes in existence. Each of the sets in the first wave in 2009 featured one or two Rock Monsters (who were very puny) against HUGE MINING MACHINES OF DOOM! Oh, and did we mention they had dynamite? Yeah, that's right, the miners still, not the rock monsters. In the second wave, there were finally some big rock monsters to turn the tide, but it's hard to be menacing when you can barely move...

In the final year of the theme, 2010, things... heated up! No, seriously, they fought around lava after all the rock monsters caught on fire.

Background Edit

After a thousands of years long fast, rock brats awaken once more to feast and shake the world. After several too many burp jokes, the Power Miners intrude on this world-altering snack time. They also take the crystals for themselves, because why not? And so, the mission to harvest the crystals begins!

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