LEGO Space is a theme that's lasted for like 30 years, introduced in 1976 and remaining to the present day. Starting off featuring a wierd race of yellow-skinned alien explorers without eyebrows, noses, pupils, or any signs of depression, it eventually evolved to be more action-oriented, with many subthemes involving humans blindly taking down those dirty, immoral, misguided aliens!


Space began with one simple question. "What if Astronauts didn't need oxygen, wore stylized tights, and flew spaceships that look like they're made out of cardboard?" With that, Classic Space was born.

In the beginning, Space featured just good guys, or perhaps just very happy bad guys. It took a while before LEGO finally developed an understanding of young boys and introduced opposing factions: Space Police and Blacktron. Later on, with themes like M-Tron, new characteristic features, such as floppy-disk erasers, were included along with the introduction of a variety of respective themes. Some of the more notable subthemes during this time were Ice Planet 2002 and Spyrius.

In 1997, aliens were finally introduced in the UFO theme, and reappeared prominently during this decade in Insectoids. In 2001, after Life on Mars, Space took a six year hiatus, because George Lucas, who was the mightiest being in the world at the time, allowed LEGO to produce Star Wars sets, and they wanted everyone to buy Star Wars instead of normal Space stuff.

Regardless, in 2007, space was brought back in Mars Mission, which featured humans invading an armless alien race's home to restock their energy supplies, and the aliens were the bad guys. In 2011's Alien Conquest, aliens invaded the human race's home to restock their energy supplies, and... the aliens were still the bad guys. In between this time, Space Police was brought back once again, this time bringing conflicts like speeding tickets and petty theft to life for young boys everywhere.

In 2013, Galaxy Squad was introduced, depicting the most horrible pest control mission of all time. For some reason, this extermination was done largely with small speeders and ground vehicles. Space appears to have taken an unannounced leave again in the first half of 2014, and will probably return when it feels like it.


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